Wooden Garden Fence

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December 18, 2016
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December 20, 2016

Putting up a wooden garden fence to protect crops from being invaded by pets and children is a great project to begin. Many gardeners become extremely frustrated when their garden is constantly being trampled on by pesky dogs and young kids who don’t know any better. However, without an easy to recognize barrier to keep them out, there is no reason why they should see the difference between the lawn and a carefully matriculated garden. Choosing wood as the material to build a fence around the plants will ensure that it will remain sturdy over a long period of time and give the yard a charming feel.

There’s no reason why a gardener must suffer from their plants being trampled or pulled out by careless invaders. A fence is often very affordable and easy to install, so almost any person can purchase a fence without breaking their budget. Instead of choosing wire or plastic as the material for the fencing, a person should pick wood because it much more durable. Wood can withstand years of wear and not be pushed over as easily as other cheaper alternatives, making it a great choice especially in areas with tough outdoor conditions.

When installing the fencing in a yard, it is important that the homeowner takes into consideration what they’re protected the garden from. Large dogs will need a much higher fence then smaller ones to keep them from entering it. If the only intruders are small children and animals, the fence doesn’t need to be as heavy duty. Overdoing the design of the fencing can be a waste of money if the intruder’s capabilities aren’t very powerful. As long as the wood stakes are pushed in deep enough and there are no gaps between the stakes, the plants should be well protected from most invaders.

Once the seeds of plants have begun growing in a garden, it becomes a battle to keep them healthy and properly growing and producing vegetables, herbs, or flowers. When there are pesky dogs and children that are continuously invading the garden, trampling and crushing plants, a gardener may feel just about ready to give up completely. Choosing to purchase a wooden garden fence to surround the plants will ensure that everything inside the barrier will be protected from typical invaders. Keeping in mind the strength and size of animals or children that will be frequently nearby is the most important thing to consider when choosing how tall and strong the fence needs to be.