Wood Versus Wrought Iron Fences

Wood Fence Styles
December 11, 2016
Wooden Fence Post Spacing
December 13, 2016

There are so many choices of fencing materials out in the market place today, giving just about every home owner more than enough styles to choose from when planning for their new fence. Some of the most popular styles are made out of either a traditional wood or, on the opposite end of the scale, wrought iron. So which one is the right material for your fencing job? You should consider the upkeep and maintenance costs associated with both before making your final fencing choice as you may be surprised when you compare the operational costs of the two styles.

Wood fencing has been around since the dawn of time making it an extremely acceptable material for fences no matter which style you end up going with. No matter which design or motif you choose for your yard, wood is very easy to maintain and typically just needs a sealant or paint to keep it looking fresh and new. One of the biggest benefits of having a wood fence is the potential to fix repairs. For example, if a storm gusts through a home owner's neighborhood and knocks a board in half or something, a board or two can typically be swapped out for easy repair. Obviously the ease of this repair is dependent on the complexity of the style of the fence as well as the extent of the damage, but the potential for an easy fix is ​​there nonetheless.

The easy fix of repairs is not present in a wrought iron fence typically. Dealing with iron and replacing a rod or finials is much more involved and extensive typically than unhammering some nails and replacing a board for a wooden fence.

Additionally, the cost associated with fixing a wrought iron fence is generally going to be a higher figure than fixing a wooden fence due to the cost of the materials themselves as well as the means to repair the fence. If a home owner is so inclined, it is quite probable that they could fix a board in a fence themselves without needing to hire a contractor. With a wrought iron fence you typically need to weld new iron into place and that requires special tools and safety equipment that many home owners do not have on hand. So in addition to the cost of the material itself, the labor involved would be higher with a wrought iron fence as opposed to its wooden counterpart.