What Are Acoustic Wooden Fences?

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December 7, 2016
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December 9, 2016

In modern day life we ​​have become increasing aware of noise pollution around us. This is not helped buy the sharp increase in vehicle ownership and noisy neighbours. If you live near a busy road, pub, park, or a heavily built up area the need for noise reduction is greater. We see our gardens as havens of peace and somewhere to relax. So why not look into purchasing an acoustic wooden fence. This will block out the sound from the source and leave you in peace.

Why choose an acoustic fence?

The reason is simple, it will not only reduce un wanted sound by up to 50% but will also make your home quieter. They are available in a timber finish and look just like an ordinary garden fence. The designs are suitable for residential homes and businesses making them very versatile. Not only are they a fantastic noise reduction tool but because of the reinforcing that is needed makes them extremely secure and will give good protection to any property.

How do I get one?

First thing to do is conduct an internet search on companies in your local area that provide this type of fence. Once you have done that get them to come round and survey your property. The company will have to take noise readings and look at the area that needs to be fenced. Get them to tell you how much sound can be blocked out first as this does depend on where the boarder will be erected. Make sure you get a few quotes as well so that you can ensure the best price is had.