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January 12, 2017
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Fences are used to keep things inside as much as they are used to keep things out. Fences are made in such a way that they are not only strong and effective at security, but also add a beautiful element to your landscaping. Of course, jails and other such facilities have other requirements of walls, but fences are a good option when security does not have to be so tight. There are many different kinds of fences and we will discuss them in detail.

Uses of fences

o Perimeter – Fences are used to mark perimeters and boundaries. These are important to prevent trespassing and also to protect children and pets from wandering.
o Agriculture – This fencing is used to keep livestock in and keep the predators out.
o Privacy – Fences provide privacy when placed around a building.
o Landscaping – Many times fences are used just for the decorative purpose. They are used to distinguish an area or flower beds. Also they are used to close in a pond or pool.
o Boundary Fencing – These fences are used to define the bounds of a property and are sometimes even electrocuted or barbed to ward off trespassers.
o For areas like airfields, prisons, military areas, zoos, swimming pools, open air entertainment areas that charge an entry fee, explosive factories and facilities with high voltage transformers, fencing is of utmost importance.

Types of Fences

o Chain link fencing also called wire netting. Also, there are chain wire fences.
o Barbed wire fences.
o Mesh fencing, light wire mesh fences, chicken wire used for keeping chickens or other such livestock in and predators out.
o Cactus Fence – This fence is built like a cactus with metal thorns that are very sharp.
o Electric Fence – These are usually used in high security areas where they either want to keep something in or keep something out. These are used around prison and government structures. Even military areas are protected by either high walls or by barbed wire fences.
o Concrete fence – These are highly durable and easy to install. They also offer a high degree of protection.
o Dry stone wall fencing or rock fence – These are usually used for agricultural purposes.
o High tensile wire fence.
o Pest retardant fence – These fences are very useful in keeping unwanted pests at bay.
o Hedge fencing – This is when the fence is made up of hedge growth. This plant grows thick and has tiny thorny branches that can be a deterrent to anyone who tries to crawl through.
o Hurdle fencing – This fence is made up of movable parts that can be adjusted according to your preference.
o Palisades.
o Sunken fence, also popularly known as a Ha-ha fence.
o Fencing for pets called Pet fence or underground fence for pet containment.
o Picket fences – These, as the saying goes, are white picket fences. Of course, they can be of other colours, too, and are usually used for decorative purposes in the garden.
o Pool Fencing – These are used to cordon off the area around the pool to keep pets and toddlers out of harm’s way.
o Railing fence – This is also called the post fence. These are generally around the house along the road to demarcate private property from the sidewalk.
o Balustrades – These are metal railings that are placed around balconies or staircases to prevent people from falling down.


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