Top Wood Fence Styles For Your Yard

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December 16, 2016
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December 18, 2016

There is a practically unending variety of wood fence styles on the market. If you are looking to upgrade your fencing, here is a listing of several styles that are available.

Dog Ear – this wood fence style is simple and traditional. It is less expensive than many other fencing options, especially if you go with the spaced version. The top of the picket is cut off at an angle, giving the picket a "dog-ear" look. With spaced dog-ear fencing, the posts have spaces in-between. This allows for the wind to flow through, while leaving space to see the view. If you want more privacy, the standard dog-ear fencing will close the gaps for a uniform solid fence.

French Gothic – this is a simple, yet elegant fencing option. The posts have an arrowhead shaped tip, which adds a design flare to a flower bed. This wood fence style can also be spaced or traditionally installed. There is an option of making the fence line concave. The concave style is shorter in the middle than on the ends.

Shadowbox – the shadowbox style looks good from both sides of the fence, which is not always true with other styles. This style is also referred to as board on board. The shadowbox fencing is like having a space fence on top of a spaced fence. It creates a uniform look for you and your neighbor.

Flex Fencing – flex fencing is made up of wooden slats, that are woven together with galvanized wire. These types of fences are most often used for privacy, or to retro an existing fence line. They are easy to install, and tend to be very durable.

Split Rail – this is a very easy to install type of fencing. It is not a privacy fence, but can be great in setting boundaries. The fence is low, with the fence piece running horizontally. The wood is cut to look as if it has been split, which is what gives it a rugged look.

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