Linseed Oil – The Backyard Problem Solver

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December 8, 2016
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December 10, 2016

Linseed Oil can be a backyard problem solver extraordinaire. Keeping your wood fence, tool shed, patio furniture or other wood outdoor yard furnishings, equipment, and tools preserved is an easy money savings approach to keeping your yard looking alive, attractive and utilitarian. With a little investment and some labor, this backyard problem solver saves you the necessity of replacing expensive fencing, structures, furniture, or tools.

Linseed oil is a major recommendation from our team at Landscaping Central. It is easy to apply, deeply penetrates, and rejuvenates dried, worn, and damaged wood. Linseed Oil is a long lasting water damage preventative and wood preservative.

Linseed Oil penetrates deep to heal damaged fibers. With several applications it can bring the original beauty, the rich color back to tired worn wood. Once you try it you will be amazed at the versatility and especially the results.

You can purchase a gallon of Linseed Oil for very little, usually under $ 15.00. That gallon will go a long ways, even in a large fence project. When you purchase Linseed Oil, be sure and select 'boiled' rather than 'raw' linseed oil for best results.

There is nothing like it though for ease of use, just apply with a brush, rag, or paint roller. It deeply penetrates and brings the beautiful color of living wood back to any dry ugly piece. It protects for years. Linseed oil can be applied over nearly all finishes. If the wood is really ragged, you may want to sand lightly or wipe down with 000 or 0000 grade steel wool. Then just apply the Linseed Oil, let soak, and wipe of the excess.

Linseed Oil is best applied to one section at a time. The temperature should be warm but not hot. Too hot of a temperature will have it dry to quickly and unevenly. You want to let it soak until most of the liquid oil penetrates the wood. If it penetrates quickly, reapply more. After a few minutes, before it starts thickening, simply wipe off any excess.

The beauty of linseed oil is that it produces a protective finish from the inside out. It is not just a light coating that will quickly dissipate with exposure to the elements. We have a family heirloom, an old branding table that has sat outside in the weather on my husband's mother's ranch for over 25 years. The old Arts and Crafts worktable had deep cracks and was gray with age and exposure.

Last summer we applied several coats of finish without sanding (Its rustic after all). The table's splits are much less noticeable; the color is a mixture of dark and gold. It is ready to stand years more of exposure in our Northwest moisture without damage.

Whether you have a worn fence with a coat of stain, a cedar or other wood shed that has darkened and dried with age and element exposure, linseed oil will revitalize it. Garden tool handles (wood), wood patio furniture, you name it, this fine old tried and true product will revitalize it.

Important, Important: Always dispose of your rags or applicators in a sealed container or soak them in water before disposing of. Linseed oil like other oils is highly flammable .

We used Linseed Oil for over 25 years in antique furniture restoration to restore life and essential oils back into antique wood furniture. When my kids were younger they would help me apply linseed oil to the furniture. My teenage son stuck a rag he was using to wipe off excess oil in his pocket. In only a few minutes, he happened to turn around and I was shocked to see smoke spiraling up out of the back of his pants! So take heed, any oil is highly flammable. Take the simple proper precautions.

For ease of use, for best results in fence and wood preservation, we at highly recommend Linseed Oil.

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