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January 31, 2017
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If you want an enclosure for your yard, consider your needs and then find out the types of materials available to you. Talk to your local fence company to get the facts.

There are many reasons that you may need to talk to a fence company. You may want some privacy for your yard so you can enjoy your property without everyone seeing in. Perhaps you need keep your curious kids or pets inside the yard, as they would wander into the street without some boundaries. On the other hand, maybe you just want to dress up your property a bit with some decorative fencing. No matter your reason for needing this service, you should find out the typical materials available.

Wooden fencing is among the most common kinds, as it tends to blend into the natural scenery, and is cost-effective. If your goal is privacy, you are urged to choose a tall product in the style of tongue and groove, perhaps with a lattice panel on top, as these details ensure that no one can see through the slats and they cannot reach over them, either. If you want the product more for appearance, or perhaps to keep a small dog in the yard, stockade or board-on-board styles may be best. Farms, ranches, and homes with lots of acreage around them tend to opt for post and pole fences. These consist of a post every few feet, or however spread out you want them, with anywhere from two to four poles laid across. The result is a short barrier that offers little privacy, but can keep livestock from getting out, and also looks good. Talk to your local fence company to find out more about which option would be best for your needs.

Metal fencing is also popular, such as chain link. This type rarely shields your yard from the neighbors’ eyes, as it is basically see-through, but you can keep people out since it tends to be tall and hard to climb. If you do want to make this choice a bit more private, though, you can pay extra for slats to be added behind the metal so people cannot see through it. In addition, a chain link fence is often great when you have lots of climbing plants, as you can simply let the plants gradually grow up the side until you can barely see the metal. This can make your yard and home barely visible to others, and blends into nature even better than wood.

Another option is PVC fencing. In most cases, it is purely decorative, as many people like the white picket style that they can place around their front yard. You do not typically have to paint or seal it, so it is basically maintenance-free, and in most cases, even the short PVC fences can work well to keep pets and kids inside the enclosed area. It even works as privacy fencing, though it is not typically used in this way, so be sure to ask your local fence company about your choices.

These are just some of the most popular choices for fences. You may have other options, depending on your needs, so you are advised to contact companies in your area that can install this type of product.


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