Fence Panels – Different Types For Different Uses

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November 9, 2016
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November 11, 2016

Good fences make good neighbors. This may be true, but they also provide privacy if the right fence panels are chosen.

The panels for a fence are put together typically end to end to create a barrier, and are attached to fence posts to keep them upright. Usually they are constructed of either wood or PVC. In general they range in size but are normally either six feet tall or eight feet tall, and most are five feet wide, and are typically constructed to provide privacy. There are some that are constructed to keep animals in, which are usually referred to as cattle panels. Cattle panels are typically made from metal and do not provide for any privacy.

PVC fence panels are relatively new on the market. These types are constructed from PVC material and are more expensive than wood varieties but require no maintenance at all. These do not require any painting or any sealing or any other type of maintenance, they do not rot or rust, and they are very durable. The price of PVC panels reflects their quality as fencing material.

Wooden varieties are a tried and true favorite they have been around literally for centuries and serve the purpose well. Wooden panels will require maintenance and need to be painted yearly. They also need to be checked periodically and replaced because they do rot. Wooden panels are relatively inexpensive and have a life span of about fifteen years. Most are crafted from pressure treated wood which is supposed to assist with weather proofing and reinforcing the wood.

Fence panels are designed in many styles some are very simple and some are ornate. The simplest consists of dog eared pickets attached side by side creating a completely flush barrier and a complete privacy screen. Some of the more ornate styles have details meant to embellish the fence itself. There are also styles that have designs across the top and varieties that have designs.

Fence panels are a great way to divide property and to protect property. They can provide privacy for the back yard living area and reduce the noise coming from the street, and in some cases will increase the value of property that they protect.