The Different Uses And Types Of Steel Fencing

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June 1, 2017
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June 6, 2017
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The Different Uses And Types Of Steel Fencing

Some people are very conservative and like to keep things private. The best way to keep one’s property free from unwanted guests and animals is a good fencing system. Fencing generally comes in different colors and designs. It serves many functions at one go. It adds an extra appeal to one’s house and also offers privacy in the backyard. The most important benefit of it is that it keeps the children and pets in safety. Choosing a special security fence is just another way to create an extra barrier that an intruder or an abductor would have to maneuver around. Mostly, people are aware of only the wooden fences and maintenance free vinyl fences. However, there are also pre-cast concrete fences for our houses.

Basically, there are different kinds of fencing. Concrete fencing has a low maintenance cost. It would last for a long time. It creates a sound barrier and is available in different styles. There are also various styles of wooden fencing in the market like French Gothic, Dog Ear, Shadowbox, Flex fencing and Split Rail. However, we want to focus more on another form that is a huge success in the present world- Steel fencing. Steel is actually chosen for elegance, additional security features and a greater range of styles. Steel fences have a great degree of visibility. So, they are a great choice for pool decks.

Steel fencing includes versatile materials and can be changed into a range of different requirements easily. Color bond fence types, tube steel and chain ware are different types of steel fences. They are mostly galvanized or coated with zinc to be weatherproof. It provides size and design capabilities for any purpose. Steel fencing is famous for its low maintenance cost. Initially, it needs to be solidly installed on a good base. These fences have marvelous manufacturing quality control credentials. It provides protection from both termites and fire.

Steel fences make a huge difference to people living in an area that gets salt air from the sea and hot dry Westerlies from the other side as well. It is capable of handling bush fires, droughts, cyclones and desert winds and it doesn’t split, crack or warp. Steel fences are gradually becoming huge popular in the up market housing designs for its versatility with a vast range of architectural styles ranging from the old fort federation houses to the ultra modern. In case of complex sites where multiple situations are addressed at various times, steel fences are the preferred design solutions. The common fence height is 1.8 meters but sometimes it’s allowed for up to 2.4 meters for extra security and privacy or for sites where there are slopes on one side and privacy issues are addressed on the other side.

Some companies offer special discounts on fencing and provide all the necessary tools for building fences. Steel fencing is the most popular technique of creating fences around one’s private property to safeguard it from intruders and as is said so often – “Fences make good neighbours”.