Cedar Fencing – Elegant and Private a Perfect Combination

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December 23, 2016
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January 10, 2017

Cedar fencing is the choice for an individual who wants a strong and beautiful, but very natural looking, fence. Wood Fences are generally made from Western red cedar, a surprisingly lightweight and aromatic wood that is famous world wide not only for its distinct and incredible beauty, but also for its natural resistance to insects. Cedar is also well thought of as a wood that strongly resists the decay that many other types of wood suffer from.

A yard that is surrounded by custom wood fencing is one that will look beautiful, while remaining effective. Even better, you can avoid the ugly unnatural look of plastic or metal chain link fence. Not only is western red cedar popular for fencing, but it is also often used for decks, gazebos, sheds, and many other decorative additions to the property.

Cedar fencing is superior to many other types of wood fencing, and is considered an all weather wood. Its natural resistance to both weather and the little creepy crawlies also makes it an exceptional choice for building fences with. In addition to that, cedar wood fencing also has an advantage in that it has less than half of the swelling and shrinking tendencies that other wood has. This wood does not warp, holds up well, and it’s never a surprise to see fences made of this wood hold up for decades.

But all of that in some ways is just bonus. Cedar fencing material is straight out beautiful, with a rich color, grain, and texture with some strong red tones that will make this fantastic boards stick out from just any other fence.

If you want a quality natural wood fence that combines the absolute best of beauty and durability (and many argue that cedar fencing is literally the best of both), then cedar fencing is definitely the top choice to provide what you’re looking for. There is a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit any specified fencing needs, and so you should easily be able to find the exact kind of fence that you desire for your back yard, or wherever else you want your beautiful fencing.

There are many options for purchasing fencing, and can even come with pre-cut or pre-patterned styles. This can include round, pointed, dog-eared, spearhead, or gothic tops, or anything else you want.

If it’s natural beauty you want, there is no reason not to look at cedar fencing as the best option out there.