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Be Assured Flawless Fence Installation With These Tips

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May 5, 2017
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May 9, 2017
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Be Assured Flawless Fence Installation With These Tips

Fence installation isn’t always a job for professionals. But if it’s a secure, private perimeter you want then only experts can help.

Installing a fence is time-consuming and not as easy as it seems. It’s far more difficult than setting up a basic wire mesh to fence in chickens, for example, and a poor job can lead to wildlife and intruders getting in and children and pets getting out.

While you leave the task to the pros, your job consists of finding these experts. There are many fence installation companies and not all are trustworthy or can promise glowing results. It’s therefore up to you to make sure what you’re paying for lasts for years.

Find three companies and get three estimates

A rule of thumb is to get three estimates if you’re contracting a biggish job. Fence installation is no different. Don’t let the hassle of choosing three companies get you down and keep reminding yourself that it’s your money being spent.

Once you’ve decided on three companies, get their estimates. Expect competitive prices and experiences to rival each other. You’re at an advantage if you live in a place that has several fence installation companies as cost is kept down.

Go through their fence styles

Each fence installation company that also sells fences will have a portfolio showcasing what styles they offer. Even if you have a pretty good idea of the style you want, go through the portfolio in case there’s something better.

Style apart, look at the materials used by the companies. You’ll come across wood, metal (aluminum, iron etc.) and vinyl with metal supports but what you really want to find out is if the materials used are up to quality standards. Warranties and, equally importantly, guarantees must be given even if it’s a simple fence you’ve picked. Compare the assurances of all three companies and combine them with the other variables to pick the final choice.

Know what influences estimation

When cost is being estimated, several factors will influence just how much work is needed and how much you need to pay. Trees, large rocks that’ll require many hands to move, level of the terrain and the terrain type, slopes etc., will be evaluated. They may even influence what type of fence you can and can’t have so avoid blindly picking any type and heed recommendations.

Proof of quality

The only concrete way to know how capable an installer is is to visit the sites of past projects. Pictures will only give you an idea. Ask for the contact details of at least three past clients and try to set up short meetings. If you get the green light, visit them and enquire how well the installer did the job, whether they have complaints and other matters related to the project. First-hand info is invaluable so make the effort to run a check.

How soon can they finish?

Like all builders and installers, fence installers may be handling multiple projects simultaneously. Find out what the deadline is in case you need the fence in a hurry. Know that it can sometimes take a few weeks for work to complete.

Install a flawless fence with the help of experienced professionals to provide security to your home and business.